The word challenge seems to be very energetic but when life keeps on challenging you at different points, then you are in a perplexed state, not able to figure out how to deal with the situation.

Given this brief introduction, I would like to share how my life too was a bit challenging.

I belong to a simple middle-class family. When I was young around 9 years of age, my mother expired Unfortunately, her death was a sudden shock for me and this was the first and the major change in my life. Since I was the youngest amongst my siblings therefore I was pampered a lot by them. But the absence of my mother always made me feel incomplete and lonely.

My elder sister got married very early at 22 or 23 years of age, which is now a day and age to chill out. After their marriage I completed my graduation and would have been at a stage to stand on my feet, but, the “Challenges “were not over. They once again knocked on my door and this time my father suffered from certain ailments due to which our financial condition went down. Though my brother worked and earned for the family he had his family too. So I decided to sign a job and so joined an institute but soon my father expired and life took a major turnover. I went into depression, free of sorrow and perplexity, and was not at all willing to live anymore, but, my siblings and sister-in-laws supported and encouraged me, Got me out of my depressed state, and motivated me to complete my further studies and so I did. Meanwhile, my brother faced a loss in his business. After completing my studies I joined the Doubletree at Hilton Hotel and was transferred to Agra for further training. Getting this news I thought that life is changing and now no more struggle is to be faced but within a few months I started suffering from backache due to heavy hours of my standing duty and because of that I was advised to take rest and had to quit my job.

Struggling for one year I once again joined an aviation institute by Travel Shiksha Academy. Since the doctor advised me to avoid long hours of duty, I initially joined as a trainer in hospitality, and once again “Challenges “stepped towards me and created partnership issues within the company because of which we all were sued without being paid. This was very heartbreaking. Being helpless, I again started losing my confidence but then stood up and decided to start my own business this time. Being independent is a very good quality in oneself. I want to do this not only for my sake but also for all those who have suffered a lot and who are youngsters and are deciding to set their careers.

This aviation sector is quite wide and I choose this because of my interest and also because of low investment for study purposes. It does make one earn lakhs but its training is quite nominal. So kept on facing challenges I finally made a way out and started Wings Academy with the thought each individual has wings but unless he/she learns to fly, they are of no use. Thus through my paint of vies for this business, I want to encourage all those who were frightened of being unemployed.

So give wings to your dreams and fly high with Wings Academy.