I founded Interview Lab in 2014. Building on a career within local and multinational organizations in Italy and Switzerland, I offer over 20 years of experience in product development, consumer research, project management, processes optimization, and people development.
I gained expertise in people development by combining my experience in acquiring and managing talent with my passion for understanding people. All this led me to create a consultancy whose vision is focused on individuals, their talents and values, and where each mandate is treated with a high level of ethics and respect.

Career change: ‘Interview Lab’ story

When you are considering changing career, before starting the journey towards the next phase of your professional life, it can be helpful or inspiring to see how others did it. So here is my story.
Some years ago, assisting friends and colleagues with the process of finding a new job was a hobby. As line manager in a corporation, one of my responsibilities was to review and screen candidates’ applications in order to identify the right person to hire in the Team. Knowing this – when applying for a position – my acquaintances would ask me to review their CV and cover letter to better highlight how they matched the job description. They would also ask me to practice interview questions and how to approach recruiters. Some of them also needed a little push. So they looked at me as a thinking partner to find energy, clarity, purpose and confidence.
As I like to listen for understanding people, what is special about them, and what makes them tick, I did not mind dedicating them a bit of my time and experience.
When I started to work as an independent consultant, I realized that this was something of value to offer. This is how I began thinking of making it my job. This is how the story began and how I founded Interview Lab in 2014.
My key learning? Opportunities come with a career change: take advantage of them!