Mrs. Savita Garg is a former WEE (Women Entrepreneur Empowerment) member of the esteemed IIT Delhi.A passionate educator, Savita Garg founded Eclassopedia (e-learning platform) in 2017, aiming to help students study the subjects they love, and give women who are constrained with responsibilities, another chance at their career enhancement.

Now, passionate about leveraging the immense potential of technology in order to optimize the healthcare infrastructure of India, Mrs.SavitaGarg co- founded MyDrCart with Mr Arvind Gupta, an experienced as well as qualified medical professional in the pharmaceutical industry and Dr Sanjay Garg, an eye specialist (M.S. Ophtho).

MyDrCart is a platform that rapidly connects patients with healthcare professionals. A tech-enabled solution, MyDrCart is a robust, secure, and feature-rich platform that empowers healthcare among individuals. The platform is developed while adhering to Telemedicine guidelines from the Medical Council of India.