Since time immemorial, we have heard stories of brilliant and brave men, men who have transformed the course of world history and marked a splendid example of character and courage.


That’s all we have heard, that’s all we have preached.

These gentlemen have, indeed, fabricated the foundation of labelling the world, their own! And maybe, it is since then, that a pretty subtle battle has been interweaving in the minds of females all around the world

Women, since eternity, were not treated as equal. They had to fight for equality. Women never had a say in decision-making. They had to sincerely obey and seek permission for their acts.

So, today when the whole world is suffering from the challenging times of COVID-19, which gender of the state administration, is holding the potential to constrain the mess?

Well, according to facts, let us tell you, it is WOMEN. Yes, everybody. WOMEN!

Women are proving to be better leaders towards handling the Coronavirus outbreak.

And their management proves why Women Leadership must stay and slay the world.

Do you want to know why?

Following are the reasons:


The process of hurting a woman is equivalent to your act of play with the energies of fire. You could get the warmth of its heat. But if you exasperate it unnecessarily, you could, in turn, get burnt. Women are quite strong headed and are as fierce as fire when it comes to getting things done.

And yes, women are remarkably empathetic as well. They will leave no stone unturned to resolve every single issue in the lives of their loved ones, their people. Therefore, having known to possess both these significant characteristics, women do not procure the tendency and extent of getting panicky as the opposite gender. All their forces are well synchronized and in absolute control.

Coronavirus is ‘Serious, So Take It Seriously’ — Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, grieved about the deaths recorded in her country as that of ‘a father or grandfather, a mother or grandmother, a partner’, and warned her citizens quite straightforwardly, that up to 70% of people can contract the virus, coercing this crisis to be the country’s ‘Greatest Challenge’ since 1945. The prompt comprehensive testing on the points of origin and a satisfactory number of intensive care beds succoured Germany to record 8831 deaths, a figure far lower than most EU countries.

Sanna Marin, the Prime Minister of Finland, had imposed strict lockdown measures quite early, even before the virus had caused a single death in the country. This action served Finland to restrain the spread of the virus. The country, at the moment, has recorded 324 COVID-19 deaths, a figure 14 times lower than its neighbor, Sweden.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden, ensured to communicate regularly with her people by delivering empathetic video messages to ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’, on her favorite social media platform, Facebook. The lady imposed 14-day quarantine on foreign visitors, on 14th March itself, and enacted upon a strict lockdown two weeks later, when fewer than 150 people had been infected, and none had died.

Not solely that, as per 8th June 2020, New Zealand discharged its last COVID patient as well. The country is now Coronavirus free. The strong-headed lady, therefore, proved to the whole world, how a female leader can transform a negative outline into a positive one.


‘I know, I’m right. I know everything, I can do it all. Sorry, but I do not think that (so and so) is the most appropriate way of working on the project.’

Well, we all have been around such pompous men. Men who have worked quite hard, towards accomplishing a peculiar and condescending tone of

their self-discovered language — language of inconsiderably blabbering about distinctive subject-matters.

Women, on the other hand, are confident, but never overconfident. They listen. They seek suggestions and inputs from others. They are not confined to thinking of themselves as the ‘Know It All's’! They are rather encouraged by the thought, ‘Sorry, I do not know about it. But, I am willing to learn about it eagerly’.

Women learn, women monitor and women, thereupon, act accordingly. True leadership is reflected by the commitment of considering the viewpoints of others, and, thereupon, resolving problems meticulously.

The Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, sought suggestions from the scientists of her country and eventually ‘Let them make the big medical decisions’. Erna also stated that the country’s immediate lockdown and meticulous testing measures turned out to be effective. Norway has recorded 239 deaths till now.


Women are the knitters of society. They know the art of sewing distinguishing elements of an entire community into one single thread.

Innumerable research studies have shown that women are, indeed, more focused on building teams and associations.

Not solely that, women tend to raise, train and nurture leaders for phenomenal management of guilds. Women are naturally more community-minded or have been brought up to know what society expects of them (and what is required of them to lead a group of individuals).

And, in any-what case, unleashing collective potential is a prominent leadership skill. Women are not able to negotiate for themselves that well, as they are able to do (and in fact excel) when they negotiate on behalf of a group (or in favor of the general welfare).

Mette Frederiksen, the Prime Minister of Denmark, sealed the Scandinavian country’s borders on 13th March, itself. Subsequently, the lady shut all kindergartens, schools and universities and banned gatherings of more than 10 people. Because of the strict action, Denmark has recorded 593 deaths till now. Mette even gave her people a glimpse of her fun side by posting a clip of herself doing the dishes while singing along to the 1980s Danish popstars Dodo and the Dodos. Mette Frederiksen has very well been appreciated by her citizens, for her prompt and sympathized actions.


Women are transformational leaders. This leadership style inspires people to achieve ‘the unexpected’ or remarkable results. Such leaders are known to possess courage, confidence, and the willingness to make sacrifices for the greater good. Women leaders, therefore, work with teams to identify a crucial shift. They create a vision to introduce change through various means of innovation. Even with limited resources, women tend to work on tasks quite effectively and inventively.

Katrín Jakobsdóttir, the Prime Minister of Iceland, had in the early stages of virus spread, offered free testing to all her citizens. The country did not even report any cases of new transmissions for several days.

Iceland has recorded 10 deaths till now..


For male leaders, when the economic condition proved to be more crucial, women leaders knew, the health of the natives was to be examined more acutely. That is the primary reason why women were able to manage COVID-19, exceptionally well.

Taiwan, even though being a neighbor to the People’s Republic of China, has set an exemplary example of prompt and strict actions enacted upon by its President, Tsai Ing-wen.

The lady imposed travel restrictions and quarantine measures, in the month of January itself. Mass public hygiene measures were rolled out, including disinfecting public areas and buildings.

Taiwan has reported 7 COVID-19 deaths until now. Not solely that, the country has dispatched millions of face masks to the worst-struck parts of the US and Europe.

Jeong Eun-kyeong, the South Korean Infectious Disease and Public Health Expert has been well appreciated for her ‘Test, Trace, Contain’ Strategy by many state authorities of the world. Having demonstrated the ideal way to cough to her citizens, the lady has received plaudits for her work ethics.

Therefore, that being the case, women leaders have proved to the world, why their leadership fulfils all the categories of being admired and praised. We should, also not forget to mention, the countries who have elected them as their state administrator, had immense faith in their management attributes.

But why solely the citizens of these countries shall believe in the leadership traits of their female authorities?

People all over the world must trust women as a breath of fresh air to their monotonous environment, as an emerging, organized and creative commander to their storming lives. The trust of individuals on a woman can make her achieve ‘the unimaginable’. COVID-19 is proving to be one such example.

Therefore, hold confidence in the objectives of the women around you and encourage them to manage and lead a community!

Women Leadership can, indeed, change the course of world history!

This article has itself listed a few examples of how women leaders and coronavirus outbreak are persisting to be the best of enemies.