“A woman with strong, heartfelt intuitiveness about the favorable outcome of her dreams knows no word as hurdles.”
Founder of ‘She in Business’

Females are paving their path in namely every what field. They’re excelling in their specific domains, leaving behind a legacy of credibility, trustworthiness and diligence for other women.

And if one has ever noticed, the vibe around a strong woman is so infectious that the femmes around her impel themselves to work towards achieving their respective life goals.

Successful women in India are not an exception. The trail blaze of the victoriously merging femmes of the state has inspired many young women to follow their dreams.

But women have worked really hard towards earning recognition by way of facing, stumbling, and yet walking past through many hurdles.

Women have always had to strike a balance between their work and personal life. Though, their salary bracket is still considerably less than their male counterparts/ colleagues. Why? Why has the foundation of equality been put at stake?

The notion that revolves around 2019 International Women’s Day is #BettertheBalance, better the world. Parity is the right of every human being. And it’s not just a women-oriented issue. It’s a Social and Economic concern.

Aakanksha Srivastava, the Founder of ‘She in Business’, a Women Oriented Business Directory and a Networking Platform keen to help and support aspiring women entrepreneurs, conceived this very concept long before.

After having worked for various firms as a Human Resource Manager, Aakanksha wanted to invest her efforts and time into something that could have set her soul on fire.

Understanding the ongoing circumstances of the women in her life, Aakanksha took upon a remarkable initiative that could fabricate a networking community for all women entrepreneurs. After hearing and comprehending the ideas and vision of several women who did not get a ground for working because of many reasons which women face in our society, Aakanksha decided to create a podium where these women could get a voice to their dreams.

The objective of ‘She in Business’ is to give women, the right direction in whatever business they are or want to be through the establishment of an eminent networking community. Women Entrepreneurs can, ergo, list their company on the ‘She in Business’ Business Directory to become a part of a Global Women Entrepreneur Network. With the creation of a sterling profile on the particular Directory, the specific group of women entrepreneurs can get increased exposure which could further help them in the promotion of their respective businesses. Along with the establishment of a connection with the prospective clients and sponsors, the women entrepreneurs can resort to many more benefits.

To know more about the advantages that ‘She in Business‘ Business Directory provides you with, foster a link with the firm by visiting http://sheinbusiness.com/.

All in all, by doing so, Aakanksha is trying to institute an equilibrium between Men and Women Entrepreneurs.
So, on this women’s day, you too try to #Betterthebalance for creating a finer foundation of a stronger society.

A very Happy Women’s Day ladies!